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Traditional Undergrad Application

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Please note that Coker University is not requiring the SAT/ACT for our application. However, if you are a South Carolina student and are eligible for the LIFE or Palmetto Fellows Scholarships, please be sure to send your SAT/ACT test scores to Coker, at, as they are still a requirement for the scholarships. 

Coker University offers the academic programs, undergraduate focus, research and internship opportunities that will redefine your idea of college preparation. This hands-on approach to learning will provide you with a skill set attractive to future employers and graduate schools. Our dedication to each student’s success creates a learning environment where competence meets confidence. Come to Coker and get on a fast track to personal and professional success.

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Once you’ve completed your Coker University application below, the next step is to file your FAFSA at on or after October 1. Be sure and indicate on the FAFSA, when prompted, that you’re interested in attending Coker University by entering our code 003427.


Coker University sits on a picturesque 15-acre campus, nestled in a historic neighborhood on the edge of Hartsville, South Carolina. Schedule a tour and see for yourself why students and faculty love calling Coker home, or get a feel for the surroundings with our video tour.

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